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While Thetas take care of business, we also love to have fun! A large part of the Theta experience is the many social events that we have throughout the year. Formals and exchanges allow us to form connections with other fraternities, and even sororities, on our campus! We always love and are always looking forward to meeting new people! There is never a dull moment when you are a Theta because our social calendar is always full of exciting events. No matter who we are with, Thetas enjoy spending time with others and enjoy having fun; making the most of our Theta experience!

Event Director

Jackie Adams

Hi my name is Jackie and I am currently the event director for Theta! I plan formals and exchanges for the chapter every quarter which gives us the opportunity to meet the fraternity men. Our biggest formals include Black and Gold which takes place in the Fall, Thetas of the Galaxy in the Winter, and Twin Stars in the Spring. The best part of my position is seeing all of the girls have a great time at the events after planning throughout the quarter. It's the charisma and outgoingness of all my sisters that make events so fun and memorable! It's so hard to pick a favorite Theta memory but my favorite thing is all of the amazing women I've gained in my life because of Theta. I know I will always have girls in my life who are down for a late night snack, Disneyland trips, and are even down for trips to Mexico- All after we have stayed up together until 4 AM studying of course! I'm so thankful for Theta giving me sisters like this who inspire me to push myself but also make college more fun than I could have imagined.


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