University of California, Irvine


Having sisters by your side throughout your college experience can lift you up to potentials you never thought were possible. Our sisterhood, or "Thetahood", is one of the strongest bonds cherished within our chapter. As years pass, we create countless memories that will never be forgotten, and are so thankful for the life-long friendships we have created with one another; friendships we would not have created, had we not been Thetas. 


Each year, we hold many sisterhood events, ranging from go-karting, pajama breakfasts at IHOP, roller-skating, laser-tagging, aerial yoga, to even retreats in Big Bear! You name it, we've done it! But it's not just these big outings that make our bonds with each other so strong, it's about having sisters that are always there for you through the ups and through the downs. From spontaneous Disneyland trips, late-night food runs, to studying for midterms and finals together, you will always have a Theta sister by your side - a sister helping you get through it all. 


So, when they say that Theta sisterhood is for a lifetime, they truly mean it!








Kappa Alpha Theta

Together, we fly higher.